Tours and Excursions


... about the rich cultures of the Limpopo province.

We have various tours and excursions on offer. You can learn more about the Venda, Tsonga or Pedi, as well as the Afrikaans and English cultures that are found in Limpopo.

Our experiences with traditional crafters provide an opportunity to learn about the importance of traditional crafts. Traditional crafters created functional and beautiful items for the traditional homestead in the rural areas from natural materials. In Venda we learn about music and crafts. In Giyani we learn about the rich history of the ancient traders of Limpopo. In the Makgabeng, we gain insight into historic residents through their rock art.



... life in the villages of Limpopo.

Q & M Tours takes you into the rural villages of Limpopo, such as Mbokoto, Mamaila, Modjadji and Nwamitwa, to experience daily living.

We allow for spontaneous and unstructured interaction between visitors and villagers. This provides our visitors with an authentic experience of the current culture in these village. Our local guides provide insight into the traditional way of living and how this has evolved over time.


.... in the beautiful surroundings of the Limpopo province!

Relax in the mountains of the Waterberg, the Soutpansberg or the Wolkberg. Enjoy the variety of local festivals and events. There are ample opportunities to encounter the province's abundance of wildlife and unique environments.

Pick blueberries, go for a hike or bring your mountain bike....

There is a variety of accommodation and activities to choose from!

Experience the Limpopo province like a local!

A Q&M Tours package or excursion is guaranteed to provide you with an authentic experience in Limpopo.

Our tours and excursions are based on what the locals like to experience. The local guides we use ensure that you have an authentic experience. Many of the destinations included in our packages are off the beaten track.

We can also customise packages according to your needs and interests. Limpopo offers a great variety of experiences, and we can easily package a custom birding or golfing trip to suit your requirements.